There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to booking your fishing trip with Captain Mike Adventures. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

#1   Inclusive Package

Our multi-day packages are hosted by Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions at either their Clover Pass Resort or The Cedars Lodge location.  These two facilities offer first-rate customer service, meals, accommodations, and fish processing for their guests.

What to do:  Call Alaska Sportsfishing Expeditions at 1-877-297-6925. Book your accommodations and notify them that you would also like to book a fishing trip with Captain Mike Mickelson with Captain Mike Adventures.  They will make the arrangements for you!


#2   VRBO

1 Bedroom and loft with Water Views

Channel View is located 8 miles from town which makes you close enough to enjoy all the amenities of downtown Ketchikan yet close enough to all the fishing for all the anglers who make their way to our neck of the woods. Click here for more information: https://www.vrbo.com/586494

What to do:  Visit the link above to book the VRBO. Then call Captain Mike Adventures to book your fishing trip. Before you book anything, you may want to check schedules with both the VRBO and Captain Mike Adventures to make sure availability will sync to your schedule. (You will book the VRBO & Captain Mike fishing trip separately.) 406-370-5924

#3   Cruise Ship

Taking an Alaska cruise and your ship will be making a stop in Ketchikan? Great! Captain Mike provides fishing charters for cruise ship guests too. We’ll get you out to sea for your fishing adventure and back in time to board your ship.

What to do: Call Captain Mike Adventures to see what fishing dates are available that sync with your cruise ship schedule.   (You will book your cruise and fishing trip separately.)  406-370-5924

#4   Find Your Own

Have alternative lodging ideas of your own?  No problem!  Ketchikan has many lodging options and you are welcome to find what works best for you.

What to do: Give Captain Mike Adventures a call to book your  full or multi-day fishing trip! 406-370-5924